Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mac's Speed Shop in Charlotte Has The Best Mac & Cheese. Get Those Colors In Your Home!

If you live in Charlotte than you'll either know about, hear about or eaten at Mac's Speed Shop. Be warned, once you eat there, you'll be hooked for life!

There are some many amazing things to eat - and drink - at Mac's Speed Shop but I think an all time favorite with just about everyone is the BBQ Pork Sandwich and a side of their famous Macaroni and Cheese. I mean look at it!!!!

If you love their food and I can guarantee that you will, love the color in your home. If you look at the colors I picked out here on the left  - no auto color palette picker here - you'll see that it really represent this meal in a very delicious way!

From the light color I chose that you can see on the plate to the dark, crispness of that rich brown BBQ that will be perfect for a media room - this is a delicious color scheme my friends and one that will look awesome in just about any home.

Have an open concept or open floor plan home? Perfect! Look at the first four color I have. They will be a perfect flow from your foyer to your living room. Trust me on this delicious Color Recipe. It's a classic!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bacon. X Marks the Spot

Do you love bacon? I'm going to assume that's a yes. I haven't met one person who does't love bacon - even my vegetarian son! 

Do you love bacon enough to put it on your walls? Not literaly of course but how about capturing those crispy, rich hues and bring them into your home? I think it's a great and delicious idea.  Come on! Let's build the perfect bacon cheese burger for your home.

I have a few colors here that I took right from the bacon itself. They are dark rich hues but are just gorgeous! Now the question is, where and how can you use these colors in your home? Let's try to figure that out.

The top color is very similar to Raucous Orange by Sherwin Williams. It's a super rich and spicy color that I see many people have in their kitchens. Here's how that would look. Now this is a contemporary kitchen but you can still use this color in just about any style kitchen. Also keep in mind, it it's too much color for you, use it in small doses or of course in accessories but this color would be great to start your day with.


Raucous Orange, Saucy Gold and Roycroft Copper Red by Sherwin Williams are the paint colors to use to get this look for your home. 

Like I said before, if you don't want to commit to these strong hues in your home, lighten them up just a bit and think about fabrics and accessories such as this Zimba Tangerine pillow from CR Laine Furniture.